Gold Friends

by The Caring Babies




The Caring Babies "Gold Friends" 7 inch split label release by The Case of the Missing Records and Robot Octopus Vs. Zombie Teddy Bear Records available on their site to purchase


released 09 November 2012

All Songs were written & Performed by The Caring Babies



all rights reserved


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Track Name: The Caring Babies - Gold Friends
In a Couple of Days
I'll be going out for Coffee with a friend of mine
A good Friend of mine

And we would be friends
All the way through High School but now look at how out friendships grown
We're a hundred years old Now

Now we're growing old
Looking back on all
The Years
We've spent together
Track Name: The Caring Babies - Ancient Writings
Ancient Writings
written on a page
Enclosed in a book in the golden age
Ancient writings
And how could this be
But they're waiting for you and they'll rewrite history

In the darkness
All through the night
Someone is writing by the Candle light
What is she writing
And what was foretold
But the people she's writing to are negative two thousand years old
Track Name: The Caring Babies - Balloon Adventure
In the morning I step outside
I look at balloons in the forlorn skies
And I can't help but think about balloons
and where they're going to go

In the evening, when no one's around
I fold a few socks and I write a few songs
When I write them, I burn like a pyre
And I think about balloons for a while
Track Name: The Caring Babies - Rock A De Rock
Rock A De Rock
Rock A De Rock

Rock A De Rock
Rock A De Rock
Rock A De Rock

Rock A De Rock
Rock A De Rock

Rock A De Rock
Rock A De Rock
Rock A De Rock

And the Rockin' goes on forever
It didn't stop
Until the end of the World